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In plain language - tips for the landlord.

I've provided politically correct "tips for landlords" in an email update.  Here's a more quicker, more enteraining version.

1. That form-driven lease document you downloaded from the internet is probably fancy-garbage.  But unless you're a lawyer you probably won't know the difference.  Did you even read it?

2. It doesn't matter that you "improved" your lease to allow you to evict the tenant outside the court process.  Minnesota doesn't allow it; you just "improved" that provision of your lease right into the trash can.  What other improvements did you make?

3. The more forgiving you are when your tenant violates the lease, the more it's going to sting when the judge explains that your conduct effectively modified the agreement, and you'll need a trial before you can get the property back. 

4. Doesn't matter how much the security deposit is, it's probably not enough.  Figure a couple months without rental income, a couple thousand bucks property damage, a thousand bucks or more to evict.  It adds up.

5. Don't ignore your wacko-tenant's bogus complaints - treat them professionally.  Those complaints may become the basis of a rent-escrow action, or a retaliatory eviction defense.  You'll want records of your reasonable responses for the inevitable trial.

6. Know how the eviction process works.  Nothing screams "amateur" louder in court than a landlord who brought an eviction action but doesn't know how it works, what relief is legally possible, what it takes to get it.

7. The judge doesn't consider eviction disputes to be high quality jurisprudence.  S/he is irritated to be on that calendar to begin with, and if the disposition isn't simply an easy writ for failure to pay rent, then its because YOU allowed the tenant to develop a legal position that prevented the easy disposition.  

8. It doesn't matter how big a jerk your tenant is/was, or how much s/he cost you - if you screw up the security deposit deduction itemization deadline, it's going to cost you. Know the rule and comply with it.

9. Don't underestimate the impact of those do-gooder tenant's rights groups.  They assume you're a slumlord and the tenant is missing choir practice because of you - because that's the story the tenant will give them.  They'll load the tenant up with legal theories and forms designed at least to protract the process, if not terminate it. 

10. The renter is likely renting because s/he can't qualify for a loan OR wants to be able to walk away from trouble free of accountability.  How likely is it the relationship will end well?