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Litigation - When worst has come to worst.

The litigation process is complex, time consuming, stressful and costly. There's no other way to put it. But sometimes there is no other way to resolve a dispute. Not all attorneys are court-room attorneys. Not all court-room attorneys are civil litigators. Litigation requires a thorough knowledge of the subject matter, the applicable law, the Rules of Civil Procedure, and it helps to be familiar with the judge and court administration staff. Since 1996 Steven J. Lodge has represented real estate and business litigation clients in the metropolitan trial courts, the appellate court and federal trial courts. In addition he represents real estate and business clients in arbitration and in administrative hearings. He also represents real estate broker/agent licensees in commission disputes and professional responsibility tribunals. He has the experience, substantive knowledge, familiarity with industry custom and practice and reputation to maximize your likelihood of prevailing.

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Managing the Litigation cost.

Litigation is costly by any definition. Expenses can be high, and the time and resource commitment of the attorney/firm handling it can be enormous - not to mention stressful. That's why not a lot of attorneys focus their practices on litigated matters. Steven J. Lodge, PLLC offers litigation services on plans intended not only to make litigation more accessible for those who need it, but more easily budgeted.

We are always willing to offer a conventional retainer-deposit/hourly billing plan. Our initial deposit is set lower than most litigation attorneys specifically to make litigation less prohibitive. Clients on this traditional plan, however, should be prepared to restore their retainer deposit often.

We have also developed a more user-friendly, more popular flat-fee retainer arrangement in which the client pays a series of flat fees for each of the various components of the litigation process. We track time, but your fee doesn't increase simply because something takes longer than expected. We provide a preliminary estimate of the fees applicable to your case, but also provide updated more precise estimations as the need for a particular service arises. We require that the client pay for the service in advance - eliminating collection issues and fee disputes is the primary advantage that we gain from this arrangement. Our observation is that clients on this flat-fee plan tend to pay approximately 30% less over the life of the litigation than those on the traditional plan.