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Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Packaged New-Business Documents/Services.

Welcome to the Lodge Law Office start-up business services information page.  Our goal is to provide quality legal services and products presented in a contemporary market format. Today's cost-conscious entrepreneur can't help but notice that business start-up documentation and services are available at low rates from online services, paralegal services, software designers and even from stationers in hard-copy format.  But those products don't come from attorneys.  They come from databases, from support staff (trained?), and from customer service representatives.  They EXPRESSLY advise you that they are NOT lawyers and that the documents they sell may not be suitable for YOUR purposes.  It's inexpensive, but is it correct for you?  And if it's not correct, what good is inexpensive?  Using the wrong documents, or not understanding what they do, is no way to start a business.

So in addition to our conventional flat-fee for full-service ($650.00 plus filing fees for most start-up business documentation needs) and the traditional hourly fee service, we'll match the Legalzoom packages rates for the services they provide.  But be careful - in order to get everything you need, you'll probably need their highest-cost package.

(Note - For LLC formation the documents use different names, but are the functional equivalent.)